Roomstyler Live

In store visualisation

Create, design and adjust stunning 3d visuals in real-time

Roomstyler Live is an In-Store visualization solution for retailers. Sales staff, designers and consumers can within seconds draw a floorplan and immediately view the 3D render (‘live’) in photorealistic quality.
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Just simply

Drag & drop

Show scale and how furniture will look in a new home and allow your customer to be part of the creative and this interactive process. Simply drag and drop your brands’ furniture, rearrange and immediately see the result. Save your clients’ creation and make changes any time.

Stunning 3D visualisation

percent of the time when Roomstyler Live was used in the sales/consultation process, customers purchased

“Roomstyler Live provides deeper
level of client interaction”

Oscar Ramos

Make it easy to see the

bigger picture

Give a live presentation of your clients’ new home on a huge screen in full HD quality by positioning Screeneo just a few centimetres away from a wall. The luminAce engine ensures a brilliant and crisp image with 2,000 colour lumens, natural colours and a deep black.

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The Roomstyler platform for designers

Roomstyler is​ the easiest and best platform​ for Designers to create floorplans and stunning 3D photo realistic home-décor images in minutes rather than hours, saving you time and money.

​40,000 designers and large corporations create thousands of beautiful furnished rooms every day using Roomstyler. Millions of ‘interior enthusiasts’ access the Roomstyler community for inspiration or to re-use and share designs.

Offer something unique to your clients by choosing from over 150,000 interior products or add your own furniture. Search by brand, color, style, room type etc. Hundreds of new items added every week.

Choose your rendering quality. Add 360 Panoramas or Virtual Reality. In seconds you will see your amazing image.

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