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Beatrice Esan - 1 year ago
Talking with other members

Hi there! I just wanted to know if it was possible to talk with other members of this website privately. I actually wanted to ask someone how they put a loft in their design.

Beatrice Esan 1 year ago
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LaModeCeleste - 1 year ago

no, it isn't, sorry, though you can always remix people's designs. Click the button that looks like this: "...". Remix will show up.

LaModeCeleste 1 year ago
Lackew - 1 year ago

Beatrice try posting your question to the member using their name in the title. This forum is how all members communicate with each other. There are many who have created lofts & multi level designs and would be eager to help!

Lackew 1 year ago
Papaya Tree - 1 year ago

Try commenting on their design, they might see it and reply.

Papaya Tree 1 year ago
savannahp0562 - 11 months ago

How do you see people's comments on your design?

savannahp0562 11 months ago
Lackew - 11 months ago

@Savannah at the bottom of the design page, and if you follow any1 it will be in your newsfeed page

Lackew 11 months ago