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How to upload a specific floor of my own how to upload a new floor

Hi, I would like to upload my own floor, in the same way you upload a view. How is that possible?

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starsector - 2y ago

Hi zandra, unfortunately, we cannot use uploaded images on the floors/ceilings, only on walls/scenery.  But you can use any texture swatch from the left hand panel to drag/drop onto the floor (paint, stone, wood, wallpaper, patio, etc.)

starsector 2y ago
LiveItUp - over 1y ago

starsector how do you get scenery!!!!!

LiveItUp over 1y ago
starsector - over 1y ago

Hi Paris, first you need to download scenery to your computer.  I recommend using copyright free wallpapers to begin with, at 1080hp or larger, but it must be a jpeg or png file to work on Roomstyler.  

There are two ways to upload to Roomstyler; 1) from your 3D planner, click the 'clipboard' icon, then select the photo tab, then the "upload image" button.  Once you have uploaded, you should see the thumbnail in the photos list.  Drag the thumbnail with your cursor over your planner.  As you do so, you should see two new icons appear at the top of your planner (Decorate all Walls and Apply Scenery).  Drop the thumbnail on 'Apply Scenery'.  You will not see your scenery through your windows in the camera view, preview, or the low quality render (Sims-like).  You must save your design in 3D Photo quality.  Once it has renders, you should see your scenery.

2) From the Dashboard, click on the text 'photos' that is in the same line as 'search, rooms, moodboards, photos, likes'.  Those are actually page links.  Then click the large green plus sign and upload.

Please note that if you upload through the Dashboard, it won't automatically appear on your planner if you have it open at the time.  Once you've open your planner fresh, you should see the thumbnail in the clipboard/photos and follow the steps above.

Have fun!!

starsector over 1y ago
zandra henningsen - over 1y ago

Hi Starsector, thanks for your reply

zandra henningsen over 1y ago
luciapajtasova - 12d ago

Hello, I would like to ask, is it still not possible to upload my own floor?

Theadora - 12d ago

You can not upload your own floor because the flooring available is specifically created by Roomstyler for their clients and are for sale.

Theadora 12d ago