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LaModeCeleste - 1 year ago
Design Challenge!

Alright, guys, I have something for you! Design a room to go with this storyline and put the storyline in your room description. I already have a rough sketch, but I just wanted to see what you would make.

Here's the story (it is a little romantic, so keep that in mind while you design):

Ella Bradford sighed. It felt so good to relax and settle down, especially after she had just gotten married to Armand Claudiu, a man who traveled considerably less than she did and never traveled outside the country of France.

Nearby their cat, Jean, curled up on the bed. Ella smiled as she remembered.

A rebellious Brit who grew up in Coventry, she had left Britain as soon as she got out of college for a more adventurous life. The passion she pursued as a professional photographer meant that adventurous life included traveling to places ranging from Paris, France to Port-au-prince, Haiti, Timbuktu to Tokyo, Japan and Denver, Colorado to Delhi, India.

And Ella, of course, enjoyed every minute of it, even though Britain was her forever home.

But it was in Paris that she met Armand, a quiet French artist who had offered to paint her portrait for her. She had agreed, and she went back to her new London apartment with both a portrait and his phone number.

They corresponded regularly, and on her next trip to Paris he was the one to show her around. And naturally, of course, he was the first one to propose to her. His French charm was just the right match to her spicy British spirit, and she accepted.

Now they were on their honeymoon in the charming city of Annecy, France, the "Venice of the Alps." Armand had visited here many times as a child, and he wanted Ella to see it for herself.

Ella was impressed. But there were so many things she wanted to do and so little time... Maybe she could convince Armand to squeeze in a few more activities before they left.

But where was Armand? He had slipped out of their hotel room to see if he could get someone to tell them where a good restaurant was. Armand had promised her that once she tasted the very best of France she would never go back. She believed him, and last she heard, he was still looking.

But she had other things to do while she waited, like practice her French, for one. Armand had given her a poem he had written so it would be easier to learn. She smiled as she picked up the paper. There was his flowing handwriting, complete with all his flourishes that had become so familiar to her.

Marriage D'Amour

Tu me ravis, mon amour

Pour toi j'ai soif

Ma pensée éveillée est épuisée

Penser à votre grâce

Ton charme est captivant

Ta voix est un son de bienvenue

Vos mots sont agréables à beaucoup d'oreilles

Et tes yeux, une piscine de mystère

Qui est la réponse

Ne peut être trouvé

Et comme je continue mon chemin

Je dois penser à toi chaque jour

Je n'oublierai jamais de dire

Tu me ravis, mon amour.

She repeated every word carefully, almost hearing Armand's voice gently prodding her on as she struggled somewhat with pronunciation. He had tried his best to make it easy for her, she knew he had. But he was still more advanced in his French than she was, having spoke it all his life.

She looked up at the sound of the key turning in the lock. It was Armand! With a cry of relief she flung herself at him before stopping short. There was a bouquet of brilliant red roses in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. Behind him was a butler with several covered trays.

"I thought you were going to look for the restaurant," she said slowly.

"I was," he admitted. "But then I decided to bring the restaurant to you."

Ella blushed. "Armand, you shouldn't have."

He laughed. "Don't worry. This was my plan in the first place. I just didn't tell you." Then he rested the bouquet and the chocolates on the table.

"Come, my love. We have a lot planned for tonight, don't we?"

Ella smiled. "I think we do, Armand, I think we do."

Good luck! (And special thanks to Lifandus' Taj Gustav story for inspiring this!)

(Yes, I wrote the poem. I'll post the English translation below.)

LaModeCeleste 1 year ago
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LaModeCeleste - 1 year ago

Marriage D'Amour Translation

You delight me, my love

For you I thirst

My every waking thought is spent

Thinking of your grace

Your charm is captivating

Your voice a welcome sound

Your words are pleasing to many ears

And your eyes, a pool of mystery

Who's answer

Cannot be found

And as I go on my way

I must think of you each day

I will never forget to say

You delight me, my love.

LaModeCeleste 1 year ago
LaModeCeleste - 1 year ago

Oh, and please use pictures of Annecy, France, as background!

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You can post any questions you may have about the contest here.

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JayPH 1 year ago
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Great job!

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Anyone else want to take a shot?

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