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JustBeautifulInteriors - 11 months ago
Items snap to the outer side of wall


When I apply an item to a wall, eg: wall sconce, it snaps to the other side of the wall. I cannot get it to apply to the correct side. I've had this issue before where i attach it on the wall then it bounces to the other side but I can replace it. This time I cannot replace it on the right side of the wall it just wont stick? 

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starsector - 11 months ago

Hi justbeautiful, the wall attached items are programmed to attach on the inside of the wall.  But sometimes, depending on your layout, the program will read the other side of the wall as the 'inside'.  This could be because you have another room attached to that wall (or did have, before deleting), or because you've altered the layout a few times and it's now confused.

Depending on your layout, try deleting the wall, then redraw it, being careful to properly connect from corner to corner.

starsector 11 months ago
Interiors by Laura - 11 months ago

I've had this problem at times.  Sometimes I have found it easier to just create a detached wall with object attached. Then line it up with my existing wall and generally that will fix the problem.  Occasionally that is not the final solution and I have to rotate the detached wall because items only want to attach to one side.  Generally however, this trick does work.

Interiors by Laura 11 months ago
Earvette - 9 months ago
My idea is to put such items on an disconnected wall. Thus, if the item snaps to the other side again, you can easily change it. Tried and I can say it works.
Earvette 9 months ago
Earvette - 9 months ago
Just click at the end of the wall and cursor.
Earvette 9 months ago
Theadora - 9 months ago

That's what Laura suggested. ;) 

Theadora 9 months ago
Earvette - 9 months ago
Ok, I didn't notice that post.
Earvette 9 months ago
FabulousGirl35 - 9 months ago

I'm wondering how make a shelf in the wall I'm having hard time figuring it out.

FabulousGirl35 9 months ago