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StyleMuttHome - 7 months ago
New products

Is it possible to upload my own products that I find to use in 3D room renderings? I need to use specific pieces in the 3D designs, not just what is available through Roomstyler. Any insight if this is possible and how to do it?

StyleMuttHome 7 months ago
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Theadora - 7 months ago

A request for new items can be posted here (it's located in the green section at the top of the Forum page).


Theadora 7 months ago
starsector - 7 months ago

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload your own items.   The 3D modeler, TVRenders, occasionally will model a request from the thread below, but generally only if we don't have any or many of them on the site.  All other items are modeled through contract with specific retailers.

starsector 7 months ago
TonT - 3 months ago

hay is prety popular, why not add their portfolio the deliver in 2d and 3d versions

TonT 3 months ago