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LB1981 - 14d ago
Christmas Tree Toppers

I've just been looking through the Christmas section of the furnish category because I haven't done a Christmas room before and I wanted to see what items are available. I'm having difficulty placing any of the 'tree toppers' on top of the Christmas trees - all the angels / stars / etc that are meant to go right at the top of the tree are just sitting at the base on the floor.

I've been in to remix other designers' Christmas rooms and these items are working in their rooms.... the stars / angels place correctly at the top of the tree in these rooms but when I go to my design and use the same items they just sit on the floor

Is there something I'm missing? Could it be something to do with the trees being updated recently? Any help is much appreciated.

LB1981 14d ago
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Theadora - 14d ago

According to TV Renders (in the furniture to be fixed forum thread) it was a choice between having a tree topper but being unable to put presents under the tree or disabling the tree topper so you can place presents underneath. They chose that latter.

Theadora 14d ago
LB1981 - 14d ago

Aaah, I see, that makes sense. Thank you!

LB1981 14d ago
mz_little_bit - 13d ago

That makes sense.  Wondering however if there would be a way to add an elevation slider to tree toppers (like wall items).  Thus keeping presents still under tree.

LB1981 - 13d ago

yes that's a good idea... I wish more items were available as 'wall' items so we could move them up and down on invisible walls... it would make designing much easier and make for more realistic rooms.

LB1981 13d ago