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greglv - 8d ago
wall disappears in 3d photo

I did a slanted wall and when I take the 3d photo, it goes away. I have a picture hanging on the wall but in the 3d its hanging in mid air. any ideas??

greglv 8d ago
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hauser - 8d ago

The wall is not connected to the ground - delete it and redraw it with a connection to another wall at both ends once. 

hauser 8d ago
greglv - 7d ago

Thanks for the reply but I tried that and the wall still goes away in the 3d photo.

greglv 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

If you make it public and post it here someone will take a look at it. :)

Theadora 7d ago
greglv - 7d ago

how to I post the picture in the forum after I make it public?

greglv 7d ago
starsector - 6d ago

Hi greg, just make it public and post the name, we'll find it :)

starsector 6d ago
greglv - 6d ago

Ok, I made it public. You should see a picture hanging in mid air, should be a wall there.  Help me please!!!

greglv 6d ago
hauser - 6d ago

Try it again,  it is not public.

hauser 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

Yes it is hauser.

Theadora 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

@hauser, it was but is now private again.

Theadora 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago


Was able to make a copy before it was made private again but couldn't fix it.

Want to give it a try?

There are a few walls in this huge template that are not connected properly so this is not the only problem.

The wall in question was partially deleted to make an opening - I put in a door opening instead.

Good luck! :)


Theadora 6d ago
greglv - 6d ago

thanks a lot.  I'll keep working with it.

greglv 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

Hi greglv,

Roomstyler is what the name implies, it's a tool built and optimized for designing individual rooms. A home as large and complex as yours (all together 77 walls, 16 doors, 18 windows, 194 products and 5 materials) is beyond the limitations of this tool. There is a limit to the amount of stuff/complexity it is able to process. 

Some tips: 

1. There is a limit of about 15 lights, any more and they stop working. 

2. There is also a limit of approx. 450  items you can use in a design, any more and the design won't render. 

3. Stub walls will disappear when rendered (because they are not connected to a wall on both ends) - better to draw a full wall across and using an adjustable door opening to create the opening.

4. Read Roomstyler's Manual (at the top of the Forum page) - it's very helpful.

You've put a lot of effort into this design and it's absolutely amazing! 

I would suggest:

1. Use "save as" and make a copy of each individual room.

2. Delete everything except the room you placed the camera in (and openly adjoining rooms visible to the camera)

4. Fix the walls, adjust your design and render.

Good luck! :)


Theadora 6d ago
greglv - 4d ago

Thanks for the input.  Very Helpful!

greglv 4d ago