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yaelisam - 12d ago
Back Splash


I'd like to add a back splash to my kitchen, but not sure how to add tiles to the specific part of the wall without the tiles being all over the wall (from both sides :-/ ) , any advice?

yaelisam 12d ago
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starsector - 12d ago

Hi there, you would need to upload an image of the tile you want, drag and drop it on the wall, click on the wall in the planner to open the left hand panel.

You will then see a representation of the wall with the image.  Adjust the size of the image by locating the bottom right corner of the image (little white square), then moving that square up and to the left.   And position as needed, then click the 'horizontal' toggle under the box to repeat the image across as one row, not all over the wall.  

starsector 12d ago