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yaelisam - 2 months ago
Back Splash


I'd like to add a back splash to my kitchen, but not sure how to add tiles to the specific part of the wall without the tiles being all over the wall (from both sides :-/ ) , any advice?

yaelisam 2 months ago
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starsector - 2 months ago

Hi there, you would need to upload an image of the tile you want, drag and drop it on the wall, click on the wall in the planner to open the left hand panel.

You will then see a representation of the wall with the image.  Adjust the size of the image by locating the bottom right corner of the image (little white square), then moving that square up and to the left.   And position as needed, then click the 'horizontal' toggle under the box to repeat the image across as one row, not all over the wall.  

starsector 2 months ago
yaelisam - 2m ago

Thank you! Will try that

yaelisam 2m ago
hauser - 2m ago

If you choose a tile from the menue and put a white Image on it over the whole wall, you will get the better results most of the time. 

Or you put a second wall in front of it with an opening : 

hauser 2m ago
yaelisam - 2m ago

Thanks, I'll give it a try!

yaelisam 2m ago
Rekucimuci - 6d ago

I was interested to try this. I uploaded a single tile, and made it smaller and made a whole horizontal row from them. This is where I'm stuck. So how can I another and another row? There is no + button and every time I drag another tile, just fills the entire wall and I have to start the process all over. Any advice? thanks

Rekucimuci 6d ago
starsector - 6d ago

Hi Rek, the toggle only work to either create one row/column, or to fill the entire wall (with both horizontal and vertical).

If you want two rows, use your image editor (like MS Paint) to put together two tiles as one image.  Then when you drop it on the wall, and click the horizontal toggle, you have two rows.  Do this for as many rows as you want.  You can also use Hauser's method above, hth :)

starsector 6d ago
Rekucimuci - 5d ago

thanks for the help I appreciate it! Maybe hauser or you could tell me how to add a second wall with an opening? Is this an architectural feature? thanks

Rekucimuci 5d ago
starsector - 5d ago

Hi Rek, Hauser's example link above was set for private.  I've made a quick one for you to check out.  Open the file using the Remix button.  Note that there are two walls next to each other on the North/top wall.  The one with the tile has been clicked as 'thin' and then a rectangle opening dropped onto it from the door tab (adjust the h/w/elevation as needed).  Then the two walls are pushed close together.  (be aware that if you put them too close, the rectangular opening on one wall will 'carve' out an opening on the second wall, too).  hth :)

starsector 5d ago
hauser - 4d ago

I modified starsectors example a little bit to make the connection between the walls in the corners invisible. 

Before adding the rectangular opening i cut out a part of the second wall at each end by dividing it twice.  After that  the length of the second wall have to be made longer to fit perfectly.

hauser 4d ago
Rekucimuci - 4d ago

thanks so much for your help guys! Took me forever (and still working on it) but looks like I learned something new :) thanks again

Rekucimuci 4d ago