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TomMcD - 21d ago
Help desperately wanted!

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help. I've been living in a mess of a home office/man cave for over a year now and I'm dying to do something nice with it. Trouble is, it's not too big and there are a lot of items that must remain. I can't find most of the items that are required so I've listed them below. Apart from them (and if there's any space left!) feel free to suggest any complimentary items such as pictures, a rug etc.

TomMcD 21d ago
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Theadora - 21d ago

Where's your list?

Theadora 21d ago
TomMcD - 21d ago

Sorry, for some reason it didn't come through. Here is what I typed before:

I understand it's a tall order but If anyone could help in any way I would be extremely grateful. Thank you!

Desk. (This has 2 monitors. Ideally I'd like it to face out the window but whatever works best). Exact desk is in link below.

160w x 75h x 64d

Swivel chair.

Table. This is a long table top resting on two height-adjustable Ikea Finnvard trestles. The table top is actually a sliding door from an Ikea Hasvik unit

231 x 76cm

I have a turntable, about 300 vinyl records and two speakers that can be wall mounted. I was hoping they could be somehow included on this surface.

Ikea Lycksele Lovas sofa bed.

This, unfortunately, must remain and have enough space to expand into a bed.

Sofa: 142w x 100d x 87h

Bed: 140w x 188lövås-two-seat-sofa-bed-vallarum-grey-spr-29187238/

3-drawer Filing cabinet.

47w x 107h x 64d

TomMcD 21d ago
TomMcD - 21d ago

I'm also having trouble with adding slatted blinds to the windows. I know it's not a huge problem but it's indicative of the problems I'm having with Roomstyler, insomuch as you can't edit the dimensions of a particular asset. None of the slatted blinds seem to fit my window.

Surely there's a way to customise the width and height of something like this?

TomMcD 21d ago
Theadora - 21d ago

Because the items on Roomstyler are actually for sale they are not adjustable.

You can use narrower blinds and overlap them a little to achieve the right width. Lengthwise just pretent they've been pulled up a bit. :)

Theadora 21d ago
Theadora - 21d ago


Here is an idea for your office. I've tried to stay as close as possible to the sizes you gave. 

Sometimes when the right size is not available we fudge it and "fuse" furniture, this is what I've done with the large tables in front of the window.

I have not included a rug since that would make it difficult to roll the chair around. This layout is tight but doable, hope you like it. :)


Theadora 21d ago
TomMcD - 20d ago

Wow!! That’s amazing, thanks so much! This is definitely the direction I want to take it. 

I’m new to Roomstyler do not sure how naive the question is but am I able to have access to your version so that I may try different wall colours?

TomMcD 20d ago
Theadora - 20d ago


Hover over the 3 dots bottom right of the design, click on "Remix" and go "Save as" (after rendering you might have to adjust the light settings). Since you created the template to start with it will appear on your profile page without the accreditation.

You can access all public designs on Roomstyler. This is handy when you want to know the name of an item you would like to use in your design or you want to find out how an interesting architectural feature was created.

It might be a good idea to check out Roomstyler's manual at the top of the Forum page above the green section.    :)

Theadora 20d ago
TomMcD - 19d ago

Brilliant, thanks!

TomMcD 19d ago
millerfam - 17d ago

Here's my design:

millerfam 17d ago
TomMcD - 17d ago

Oh wow, that’s fantastic! Thanks so much. 

TomMcD 17d ago
chania - 13d ago
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chania 13d ago
TomMcD - 13d ago

Stunning! Thanks Chania.

TomMcD 13d ago
fippydude - 8d ago



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