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BettyCvl - 3 months ago
Copyright clarifying needed!

Hello everyone! 

I have a question that maybe some of you users or owners of this platform can answer. 

I’m a huge fan of visual novels and I want to create my own novel on the Episode Interactive app, which is free and allows amateurs to publish their own stories. So, in order to animate my story, I’d like to know if I can take backgrounds made here on RoomStyler, that I made or that someone has made for me (which obviously requires an agreement from the design’s owner) to use them in my story and OF COURSE, credit the RoomStyler website AND the person who’d make these backgrounds for me to use in that context?

I really enjoy creators work here but I don’t want to cause any problems to anyone and even though I have a few person willing to help me create the few backgrounds I need, I want to make sure I can take these images and credit everyone involved!

Thank you for your help!

BettyCvl 3 months ago
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Theadora - 3 months ago

Roomstyler's Terms & Conditions. 

Theadora 3 months ago
Theadora - 3 months ago

In Roomstyler's Manual at the top of the Forum page (above the green section) you will find the following:

#11. Tips & tricks.

Learn from eachother

A very handy thing about Roomstyler

is that you can open any public

room made by others to learn

how they did certain things.

Just click on the Remix

button on a room page and the

drawing interface opens it.

Once opened, you can do anything

you want with it. Click around

to learn! The plan will save as a

remix in your own page so it will

not overwrite the original.


• Remixed rooms can not be

entered in contests.

• It is not allowed to use remixes

of other people’s rooms for

commercial benefit.

• If you want to prevent remixing,

just set your room to private.

Theadora 3 months ago
BettyCvl - 3 months ago

Thank you but here I’m not asking about remixing any designs, it’s really only about using my own designs OR designs that were created by other people FOR me because I asked and they agreed. ☺️

BettyCvl 3 months ago
Theadora - 3 months ago

I suggest you seek advise from Roomstyler. 

Theadora 3 months ago