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s_ku - 8d ago
Streaky Render


I've done a 3D render of my room and for some reason it turns out streaky and blurry. This has only been occurring in the past day or two. I want to upload it to a contest, but I don't want it to look like this. Is anyone else having this issue or is there some way to fix it? Thanks! 

(Also, to see the streaky image, you can look at my profile and the room "columns")


s_ku 8d ago
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starsector - 8d ago

Hi s_ku, I ran multiple tests and could identify nor eliminate this effect.  It seems to be some glitch introduced, which has now corrupted the file.

The best suggestion at this time is to use the "contact us" link below to report it directly to the tech team, as soon as possible.  Include a link to your image page.

starsector 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

Lower the camera, lower the light slider. You can copy back my copy to check it out, I'll delete mine tomorrow. :)


Theadora 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

Btw, you might want to change the flooring to something else.

Theadora 8d ago
s_ku - 8d ago

@starsector @Theadora thank you so much! I'll definitely take your suggestions and try different things. Thanks again :)

s_ku 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

Hi s_ku, since it is impossible to get the streaks out of the flooring I moved the camera forward. It's not perfect but it's better than it was before. :)

Theadora 8d ago
s_ku - 8d ago

Thank you Theadora!

s_ku 8d ago
starsector - 6d ago

Hi s_ku, there's still five days to be able to submit your columned room to the contest.  Have you heard back from the tech team yet?  When you hear from them, will you post their response here so that we can learn from that in order to give better guidance if this streaky image problem arises again?  

It definitely appears to be an 'overexposed' image, but adjusting the light slider (on both the light bulb tab, and the Save popup) did not improve it on my tests, nor did changing the wall/floor textures.  I also attempted to adjust your camera (up/down; forward), and tried to rule out whether a flaw in a new item may be causing the render to crash.

starsector 6d ago
hauser - 5d ago

There is only one solutuion : Rebuild the room in an other room - these problems can occur - i got it once, too -  an make with every new part a new render and look, what happens. 

hauser 5d ago
s_ku - 5d ago

Thank you all for your suggestions! I did contact the tech team, and they sent back an email that told me that the overall brightness was too high, however I have already adjusted the brightness and tried different things and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'll continue to try things until the due date for the contest, but I'm thinking that if nothing else works, I may have to remake the room. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know! Remaking the room is not ideal. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far :)

s_ku 5d ago
hauser - 4d ago

Make it public, so we can try it. 

hauser 4d ago
s_ku - 4d ago

Hauser, it's public now, feel free to try different things.

s_ku 4d ago