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adavis54 - 3 months ago
Wall image not showing up in renders!

I'm wanting to create a building where my interior wall and exterior wall are different. I wanted the inside of the room to have white walls and the outside to be an image so I created a double wall. I can see the image on the outside of the room while i'm editing but as soon as I render it it turns white (the color of the interior wall). I fixed it by placing the image on the interior wall but then the inside of the room has the design. What is wrong? How can I get my image to display on my outside wall in my render?

adavis54 3 months ago
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Theadora - 3 months ago

Since this program is for interior design it is not meant to have items attach to the outside of a wall. You can try to make the program "think" inside is outside by deleting and re-drawing the outer one of the double walls from left to right. If that does not work try deleting and re-drawing from right to left.

When we create more than one room with a shared wall, items sometimes pop to the "wrong" side and this is the way we "fix" it so this might work the other way around too.  :) 

Theadora 3 months ago
starsector - 3 months ago

Hi ada, I'm wondering if your exterior wall is even rendering?  It may be 'invisible' in the final render due to construction issues which maybe why you see the 'white' of the interior wall, and why you see the image texture when you put the image on the interior wall.  

Make your room public and post the name here and someone will take a closer look to narrow down the problem :)

starsector 3 months ago
T_A_D - 3 months ago

no that just have to refresh

T_A_D 3 months ago
starsector - 3 months ago

Actually, one thing about learning the program is that walls that not properly attached will be invisible in the photo quality render.  It's a bug in the program.  

But we've learned to use that bug to create many interesting tricks.   For instance, if you draw a single wall outside of your floorplan, you can then click on it and move it into your floorplan without scrambling the walls.  We can then drop doors/windows on it and then position that wall stub like it's an open door.  You will see the wall in the low quality 'camera' view/preview, but it will be invisible in the final render. 

starsector 3 months ago