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T_A_D - 13d ago
Next contest

Is there a way I ca find out when the next contest is without knowing the topic/goal so I can put time aside in advance to come and see what the topic/goal is? I don't want anyone to think I'm cheating I just have been missing previous contest, because I see them 1hr before they are done and it take me atleast 2-3 hours to perfect my design.

T_A_D 13d ago
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starsector - 13d ago

Hi Daijana, the contests are not posted on any particular day and time, though there is a tendency to post new ones on Mondays.  All contests run for about 14-16 (3 days of which include the voting time) so everyone gets about 2 weeks to work on their creation.  Once voting starts, we cannot enter or withdraw designs anymore.

Generally there are at least 2 contests running at any given time.  So as one is winding down, it's good to be checking the contest page for new ones being created.  If you can't check the contest page every day, then I recommend at least once a week, typically a Monday.  Hope that helps :)

starsector 13d ago
T_A_D - 12d ago

are u a manager or sum

T_A_D 12d ago
starsector - 12d ago

No, just a member like you.  Pretty much all the people who answer questions on the forum are just other members who've been on the site for a long time and know how frustrating it is at first, so we like to help answer questions for new members.

starsector 12d ago
petersohn - 5d ago

When is the next one supposed to start? Right now all contests have already run out. How usual is this?

petersohn 5d ago
Theadora - 5d ago


It happens sometimes. Please see Starsector's comments above.

Theadora 5d ago