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brian_miller - 1 month ago
Help putting tile on floor

I can't figure out why I can't apply tile to the room that currently has no floor. Any help is appreciated. I'm a new user.

brian_miller 1 month ago
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starsector - 1 month ago

Hi Brian, at some point, you may have used the 'delete floor' button.  Your main area had no floor (and therefore no ceiling) and you were probably getting invisible walls.

I picked apart your floor plan to find all the disconnected walls, reconnect them somewhere, before the floor would 'reappear' in the default texture.  If you want, you can open this version below, then use Save As to copy it back to your profile.  You can change the flooring (and probably need to repair the layout since I moved things around).

To change flooring styles, just drag and drop textures from the left hand panel onto the existing floor.  The 'Delete Floor' button is only to solve a particular construction issue.

starsector 1 month ago
brian_miller - 1 month ago

Thanks so much for your help. I made a copy but I can't seem to delete anything now. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. Here is a screen cast:

I'm not sure how to give you edit access to help me. Is that an option? Here is the link that shows up for me:

Sorry that I'm not that good with how to use all of the functionality yet :(

I appreciate your help!

brian_miller 1 month ago
brian_miller - 1 month ago
I opened in Chrome and was able to delete the elements. It seems like a firefox issue.
brian_miller 1 month ago