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Hello, how can I get the environment like a garden in the 3 D view ? I have a room with glass doors but no view. Thank you in advance, kind regards, Jutta 

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kitty - 7d ago

Hi Jutta its actually surprisingly easy. Upload an image of a garden you like or want to use to your Photos, Then go to your room and click on saved photo and slide it to the 'ADD SCENERY' box then save won't see it on the preview image but the finished result with the scenery will show on the rendered design on your dashboard.

I hope this makes sense, I'm sure someone else could explain it better but give it a try!

kitty 7d ago

Dear Kitty, it was so helpful and you explained it very good, so I got it now and I am happy about ist, thank you so much for your fast help !!!Kind regards, Jutta 

kitty - 4d ago
My pleasure! once you get the hang of doing something its such fun. some images work better than others but that's part of the fun too-playing around!
kitty 4d ago