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help on saved photos

I get that you have to upload a picture but I don't know how to put it on my build. I saw that someone said to go to saved photos but I have no idea where that is. Can someone please explain how to get to saved photos?

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kitty - 5d ago

go to dashboard on your profile and you'll see various headings abve a bar at the click on photos and you'll see a + sign that you use to add a photo.

I personally save images on my desktop and add them from there I find its quicker

kitty 5d ago
starsector - 5d ago

Hi Unfinished sentenc (love that name, btw ;), once you've uploaded a photo like kitty described, then open your planner.  On the left hand panel, click the 'clipboard' icon, then Photos tab.  All your uploaded photos should be displayed.  Grab a image with your cursor and drag it across the planner.  As you do so, you should note two new icons appear at the top of your planner screen (decorate all walls and apply scenery).  Drop the image on the 'apply scenery' icon.  You should note in the camera view the word 'render' appears.  This means the program is processing it, but you won't see it in the camera view, nor the low quality preview (like zoom).

You must save your design using the green "Take a 3D Photo' button under the camera view.  Then go back to your main page.  Wait a few minutes then refresh/reload the page (probably have to do that a few times).  Once it's processed through the rendering servers, and the higher quality render loads, you should see the scenery through any open doors/windows.

Some photo tips:  Use a copyright free wallpaper, 1080p or larger.  Generally speaking, it's the middle third (horizontally) that will show in windows/doors, so that needs to be the interesting part. hth :)

starsector 5d ago

Thank you so much for the help! :)