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Just jioned and nothing happens when i try to add a floor.Tried deleting existing floor then adding a new one but still nothing?


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starsector - 5d ago

Welcome to Roomstyler!  Don't use the Floor Delete button.  That's only to fix a particular construction problem.  If you are just wanting to change the floor type material, all  you need to do is drag/drop a swatch from the left hand panel.

To restore your floor, you need to delete one wall in your room, then redraw it.  The floor should reappear in the default flooring style.  Then just drag and drop swatches to make changes.  Hope that helps :)

starsector 5d ago

ok, I ended up deleting the room and starting over before getting your response but thank you for answering .

starsector - 3d ago

Sorry, we didn't get back to you sooner!  Just fyi, Here's an old thread that explains the particular construction problem I mentioned above (and the Delete Floor feature was created to fix it).

starsector 3d ago