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dZynerSuPreme - 17d ago
What's Going on With the Door Trims?

I've been away for a while and have discovered that door trims are now recessed and appear inverted. Is anyone else having this issue? I've been experiencing this for about 3 weeks now with doors and doorways.

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Theadora - 17d ago

It's not an issue, that's the way it is, just look at all other designs. :)

Theadora 17d ago
Eve34 - 16d ago

I thought that we have new door , but I ca`t see the difference.

Eve34 16d ago
starsector - 10d ago

Hi dZ, welcome back!  You're right, when they made the windows recess, it also recessed the doors.  Windows are supposed to be recessed, but doors?  Not so much.  We tend to ignore it, but there's a workaround, if you want.

Use a wall stub (for an invisible wall) to drop your door on.  Move it very close to the wall where you want your door.  It will appear to jut out or protrude as it should :)

starsector 10d ago
Eve34 - 10d ago

To Starsector: First of all, I didn`t know the meaning of a word "recess". Now that I know what`re you talking about, and you`re right, there`s a change. i`m trying to create window or door on my own, but sometimes i`m afraid to provoke some glitches. 

Eve34 10d ago
Eve34 - 10d ago

I forgot to mention, that I saw door with recess on tv. Everytime I go for a walk i stara at doors or windows and try to find a way to imitate them, still haven`t figured it out.

Eve34 10d ago
dZynerSuPreme - 10d ago

Hi, Starsector. Thank you. It's great to hear from you and thanks so much for the work-a-round.

Valentinapenta - 10d ago

@Eve34  Starsector is right as usual.   I've used the invisible wall trick with doors and windows.  Here's an example.   Hope it helps.

starsector - 10d ago

Hi Eve34, never be afraid to provoke glitches!  We've created some of our best tricks and workarounds by exploiting glitches :).  I do the walk-around and look for windows/doors/porches to make, too, btw :)

starsector 10d ago