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starsector - 8d ago
Tip: Using the Shift key (or how to save your mouse hand from falling off...)

Want to save some key strokes? Because if you haven't had your wrist practically numb by the time a design is done, your not doing Roomstyler hard enough!

Just kidding, but if you hold the shift key down, you can combine lots of other moves or activities in the planner. Here's just a few ways this works:

Let's say you have a planner full of items, and rather than publish your design with off-camera looking like a yard sale, hold the shift key while clicking on any and every item you want to Delete. All of the them will highlight with the blue box. Did you just highlight one by mistake? Don't panic, just click that item again once, and it will unhighlight. When you got your wheelbarrow full, just hit the Delete button. They'll all disappear at once.

Or let's say you have an arrangement of pictures on the wall and decide you want to move them down a few inches/feet. Rather than twiddle with each one by itself, hold the Shift Key and click on each wall attached item in turn. They'll all highlight blue. Then use your arrow keys to move them as a group left or right (unfortunately! it doesn't work to move their elevation up/down, but oh well, can't have everything).

Ah, now let's say you're using a wall stub trick. After you use draw the wall outside your floorplan, now you want to bring it in. But let's face it, half it's ends are always buried under rugs or other yard sale items. So hold down the Shift key, then click the little blue dots at BOTH ends of the wall stub. Then use your arrow keys to move it as a solid piece left/right/up/down. No more stretch it far left.....then reduce from the right......rinse and repeat.

How about multiple table settings? Once you've meticulously arranged a setting with plates/glasses/utensils, do you really have to do it 3 more times? Or ten more for a resturant...? No, says I. Just hold the Shift key, and click on each item in your table setting. Then hit your D for Duplicate key (or the little green plus sign) and your whole setting is duplicated. You can then release the Shift key, and grab the whole highlighted bundle with your cursor, move it where you want (or use your arrow keys). You can also change the angle of the whole bundle by grabbing the big arrow protruding and rotate left/right.

**An important tip** You want to disengage your highlighted bundles before moving on to other things, so double click any open area on the planner and everything unhighlights. Trust me, you do not want to move a mess of accessories out of your way just to discover you've also moved your meticulous tablesettings....not that I've ever done, really :) 

starsector 8d ago
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LB1981 - 7d ago

OMG!! This is amazingly useful. Thank you SO much!

LB1981 7d ago
YNADECO2 - 7d ago

wow i love ur work here !!! u are amazing, ty for sharing <3 

YNADECO2 7d ago
Orionaute - 1d ago

Thank you, nice to you to make me learn/remember those facilities ♥

Orionaute 1d ago