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Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago
I can't buy credit :(


I don't know what happened. Previously, 

I bought credit without problems. Now it doesn't matter how much I try.

In the title "Card Holder Name" I tried with my own name, first first then last name and I tried the opposite. I tried with the name of the bank ... Everything! But it does not work.

Thank you very much if anyone can help.

Greetings <3 / Ida 

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Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago

"Your payment was refused or the authorisation was unsuccesful. You can try again by clicking the button below." .... ??? :( 
Why? My card works as usual elsewhere when I pay :( 

Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago
I do not want to enter the design of this room in the competition for lack of credit :( 

kitty - 2m ago

enter it! Its beautiful enough anyway 

kitty 2m ago
Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement Kitty <3 hug <3 

Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago


Anyone can help? :( 

I tried again to buy 10 credit and I do not know why it does not work.
I guess I may have saved incorrect information once and now it will be difficult to enter the correct information.

Maybe then you can clear away ... and that I can try again?

I think I made the mistake of entering "Card Holder Name".

In this headline I entered my name, later the name of the bank ... so that's why I have trouble paying right now. Maybe, then it becomes problematic.

Now, I do not remember if I should enter my personal name or the bank's name in the heading "Card Holder Name" :( I have bought credit before and I want to continue but I do not understand what is preventing it right now.
Please, answer at least if you can help, thank you <3 

Have you otherwise been able to use your card at other places?  Sometimes your bank can be the one to put a block on your card.  Especially if as you described wrong info was entered and they thing someone else is trying to use your card.

I should have said bank or credit card company. Mine is through my bank and I forget sometimes ;)

Ida Dzanovic - 2m ago

Yes, my card belongs to the bank, Swedbank.
If the bank has somehow blocked or stopped my card, I would automatically get information about this. But that has not happened.
I shop without problems elsewhere, for example, I buy some games for my son on the playstation, but I can't buy credit on Roomstyler.

Still, I'll call the bank and check it out. Then I'll come back again with the information.

Thank you so much for trying to help.

Previously, I had no problem at all buying credit at Roomstyler.


maribel - 24d ago


I have the same problem.  Before having a chance of going to the following step of purchase with PayPal, a little screen appears and says there has been a problem.  

maribel 24d ago
Leyvna - 18d ago
оплата через PayPal не проходит (((
Leyvna 18d ago
starsector - 16d ago

You should use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page to contact the tech team directly.  Perhaps they can help resolve the problem :)

starsector 16d ago
maribel - 11d ago

Thank you for your reply.  I contacted  them and the problem was solved.

maribel 11d ago