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How to do a roof

I've been working on my first room (Since its my first time on roomstyler) ive been wondering how to raise a roof so it doesn't touch the floor each time I place it

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i am looking for the same advice, if i find the answer, i will let you know

hey hun, it looks like you have to use 'pedastals"in the architecture category. havent tried it yet

Theadora - 16d ago

Russ made this beautiful design using pedestals to raise the roof, pls read his comments.


Theadora 16d ago

thanks Theadora, the pedastals arent working form me.

Theadora - 16d ago

You can remix Russ's design to see how he did it. :)

Theadora 16d ago

for some reason my pedastal 300's arent working

lol i am so blonde, i see he uses them in the center beam, not the sides. it works now. i was trying to have them blend into the walls