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Cassper17 - 21d ago
Mirrorred stairs ?

Hi. I am currently using stairs in my design, but I need them to be mirrorred. Not rotated, but mirorred. Any idea how this can be achieved?

Many thanks for help.

Cassper17 21d ago
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Eve34 - 20d ago

I know it's about putting material on stairs, but if you need mirrored stairs, this method is quite good, too.

Eve34 20d ago

I think he means mirrored as in one goes left and one goes right.  Exact opposite of each other or exact reverse image.  I am not sure this is possible because I don't believe they have two of any kind of stair. 

Eve34 - 14d ago

That`s what I` m talking about. He doesn`t have to put any material on, but, move the walls so as to create the mirrered stair, that he can`t find in the architecture tab.

Eve34 14d ago
luna smith - 6d ago

I couldn't  find any staircase items you can mirror, but you can make your own like this

luna smith 6d ago
Eve34 - 5d ago

What I meant was that you can mirror the staircase by making it on your own from basis, using wall stab and rectangular opening. Some of the staircases are lower or higher than the pedestals 250x250x250 or 3.00m. For example this one is higher: 

Eve34 5d ago
Eve34 - 5d ago

I know it takes time, but we may change height, width and depth of each step, add step on the other side or not. 

Eve34 5d ago