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kaykaycakes - 17d ago
connecting walls?

I read a lot about making sure walls are connected to get the floor to render correctly. How do I make sure all walls are connected. My project is public - it's basement II. Thanks!

kaykaycakes 17d ago
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TV Renders - 16d ago

Hi, simply drag the corners to see if walls are connected (closed) properly. In this project, for example, you can see one wall is not closed and also another one not properly drawn:

Hope this helps

TV Renders 16d ago
Theadora - 16d ago

Hi kaykaycakes,

I have fixed your template, here is an explanation of how I did this so you can fix walls and floors yourself in future.

To fix problem walls you need to delete and re-draw them making sure you see a Y shape where they connect to another wall otherwise they are not connected properly.

Original flooring sometimes shows through the flooring you have applied. It's a glitch and can be fixed by deleting one wall, deleting the floor you picked and deleting the original floor. You then re-draw the wall, this automatically gives you the default flooring which you can then change without a problem.

Here is a Roomstyler video on how to fix the floors.

And here is your design with fixed flooring and walls (I replaced the walls that show white). All you need to do is Re-mix my copy (save as) and you can continue with your design. You need to re-apply some paint and your choice of flooring. The accreditation box with my name will disappear when you make a copy. 

I will delete my copy in a couple of days - hope this helps, good luck with your project. :) 


Theadora 16d ago
kaykaycakes - 16d ago


kaykaycakes 16d ago