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Nicky West - 16d ago
Contest countdown

Hi Roomystyler. I just wonder if there is any way you can change the countdown for the contests? I ask because on 2 occasions now I have missed the chance to submit a design because the countdown said (example) "competition closes in 3 days 4 hrs 24 mins" - then I've gone to later submit an entry and its changed to "Voting has begun". Are the last 2 days reserved for voting? 

It's just an idea - maybe have a countdown for the first however many days the contest is running, then a countdown "until voting begins". I'm in New Zealand so perhaps have been caught out by time zones but still it seems the contest goes to voting before it actually closes.

Thanks in advance :-) 

Nicky West 16d ago
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LB1981 - 15d ago

Yes contests actually close to entries at the 3 day mark (I think it's 3 days?!) and voting begins at this point. This has never really been made clear to everyone and newer members especially are often caught out and miss entering their designs. I think a possible solution is simply to add a header to the contest page stating that for RS contests the last 3 days of the contest are for voting and designs must be submitted before this cut-off.

The exception to this is the IP contests which do not include a vote by RS members. The winners are decided by IP and in these cases the contest is open to entries right up until the end of the time limit. There has been a couple of occasions when voting was mistakenly left open to members and then closed again, which has caused some confusion in the past.

LB1981 15d ago
kitty - 15d ago

I used to get caught out by this too! I still have to sit down and have a good think about how long I actually have in reality to enter.

kitty 15d ago