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kitty - 11d ago
Requests for Architectural and decorative details

I thought I'd start a new discussion as at present I feel these may be submerged in the general 'Community Requests' section especially with the team working on Floorplanner which I'm sure will have more interior architectural details which perhaps they could also migrate onto this site.

I for starters would like;

More Coving, especially coving that could be put around doors.

More ceiling roses of various sizes and periods

wood Beams that are vertical and can placed on walls as well as horizontal (important if designing a period barn conversion or working on ideas for a pre-18th century house)


more choice of windows.

Shutters for windows of different sizes and styles.

Fire places and fire surrounds-some more choice including inglenook would be great.

Does anyone else have other things they'd like to see?

kitty 11d ago
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LB1981 - 11d ago

I wholeheartedly agree kitty and I love your suggestions.

I think columns/pillars in the same materials as the beams we already have  would be a great start.  Also the ability to make slanted/triangular openings in walls (especially useful if you're trying to use skylights or other 'roof' items).

Also anything architectural that can be programmed to take textures like the doors/windows can would be a big wish of mine - the ability to have beams for example in any texture from the catalogue would be sooooo good!

I know literally nothing about programming or how to create these features so I don't know how complicated or time-consuming it would be.

LB1981 11d ago
Eve34 - 10d ago
When I started to create my own textures, I understood that is not that easy as I thought and I appreciate your hard work, indeed. I hope you'll add more features at roomstyler. Thank you.
Eve34 10d ago