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Request For More Blankets

Dear RS Tech,

It would be amazing if we could have some new blankets. Maybe even in more variety. Plus, some comforters, and bed sheets. I would like some that look kind of realistic ( like the ones on ) if that's not too hard. It's ok if you can't, I was just hoping for them. 

Remember Jesus Loves You!

Thanks so much,

Emaline ( NQDI ) 

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* My bad, its 

kitty - 10d ago

Hi Emaline, quick question-I've never heard of homestyler.

Is it an offshoot of roomstyler?

kitty 10d ago

It's not the best website ever.....but it's ok. It's hard to place furniture anywhere, and it it hard to get used to. Other than that, it's ok. They have great rendering, and everything looks realistic! They have the furniture and stuff that I want, it's just really weird. Oh also, you get 5 points every day ( if you go on it ) and I'm pretty sure that points get you stuff. I honestly don't go on it anymore. Anywho, you should try it, maybe you'll like it!

Hope this helped!



Here is the link below...

Also, my name on there is NEVERQUITDESIGNIT ( just like on RS ) 

I don't have any designs for you to see there but I'll try to scratch something up. 

Have a great day! Stay fresh, and Jesus Loves You! <3

Mum Dali - 7d ago

I also would like it, if we can have some more blankets.. would be so, so nice <3 !! Thank you Emaline and thanks to the team :)

Mum Dali 7d ago