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LisaJane68 - 9d ago
How to create own furniture

Hi... new to Room Styler. Loving it so far but help please

I have the furniture dimensions but when I add a sofa from the list I cannot change the dimensions of it. If this can be done please advise how.4

Many thanks


LisaJane68 9d ago
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starsector - 9d ago

HI Lisa, unfortunately, we cannot change the dimensions of items on Roomstyler.  They are modeled on actual furniture under contract of various vendors.

I've heard that dimensions are changeable on their sister site,

(but that might not be a feature yet, until after they finish the upgrade)

starsector 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

It is possible to change the furniture size on 

Theadora 9d ago
Var - 7d ago

The only thing you can do for example is using many ottomans to build a bed.

Var 7d ago