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This designer was called out for posting internet pics and claiming them as their design.  Now they are going around spamming those that called him/her out and making comments that others should be ware of them for doing so.

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Theadora - 11d ago

You can remove an unwanted comment/spam by clicking on the red flag located on the right side of the comment. 

Theadora 11d ago

@Theadora, I had already done that.  But marking it as spam does not remove it from his/her timeline.  So while the comment no longer shows on my end it still shows on the other end. Is there a way to flag that also?

Theadora - 11d ago

I posted this for all members who don't know they can delete comments from their designs.

That you can't delete them from the other person's timeline is really not important, it just shows what really went on if anyone cares to know.

Theadora 11d ago
Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

wait who was it tho?

@Isaacarchitect The title of the post is the name the person is using.

Isaacarchitect - 11d ago


srry im dumb

no problem, I just assumed it was understood.  Wrong of me to assume.

RaeCam - 11d ago

yeah she/he hated on me on one of my deigns

RaeCam 11d ago
Isaacarchitect - 10d ago

its ok

i didnt see it :D

RaeCam - 10d ago

its cause i took it off

RaeCam 10d ago
Jade Autumn - 1d ago

So, there are four trolls on here right now.  Great.  First the "mum" with the "six-year-old son" who decided to try to troll me (wrong move, dude, wrong move, I am not in the mood for nonsense), and now this "mum" with a "five-year-old daughter."  Coincidence, I think not.

Theadora - 1d ago

@Jade Autumn

Members can set their profile to receive an e-mail notification from Roomstyler when someone has remixed their design. If they feel so inclined they can check if the copy was made public and if so, chose to post a comment on that copy.

Don't you think it would be better for each individual to decide for themselves whether or not they want to go after someone who has copied their design?


I know this is very annoying and you are trying to help but going after all copies you come across is turning into a witch hunt and gives trolls exactly what they want: Attention...

Theadora 1d ago
Jade Autumn - 23h ago

@Theadora - I go after the ones who remix mine mostly.  But if something comes across my feed, I will leave a comment.  If it comes across as a witch hunt, so be it.

Yes, they're getting attention.  But some of them have actually learned from this and stopped.  I'm not the only one who leaves comments, after all.  You've done it, RaeCam has done it, augustmoon ... there are others, but I cannot remember names.

Maybe some users don't care.  RoomStyler does nothing to prevent this from happening, and that's something I wish would change.  Speaking as someone who does rooms as a form of therapy because of personal things, stolen designs are not acceptable to me.  As I have said in the past, it's one thing to remix a room to see how something was done or to find out the name of an object/piece of furniture (I have done this).  It's another to hit the remix button, mayyybe change one thing, and then make it public and claim you designed it.

Jade Autumn 23h ago
RaeCam - 20h ago

have you read the trash and lies she is putting on my designs :(

RaeCam 20h ago
Theadora - 19h ago

Hi Jade,

I usually don't comment on people's designs unless they have entered photographs or copies in a contest. That's when I also post on the contest Forum page to make it easier for Roomstyler to remove the entry.

Since most of my designs are room make-overs I don't have many people copying my rooms unlike you and others - except for the last one  they have always kept their copies private. I've noticed though that there is quite an influx of people copying designs lately.

I believe members who have their designs copied do care but know they can't stop it from happening so don't bother to comment. I piped up this time because young or old this person is a troll and harassing people is part of it. I really hate that this is happening to you and wish you wouldn't take on other people's worries on top of yours, it just makes your life more stressful.

Over the years several members (myself included) have suggested it would be nice to have the choice of blocking/not blocking remixing - no response from Roomstyler.


I don't expect Floorplanner to make any changes/improvements to Roomstyler, it has always been very clear that Floorplanner comes first and Roomstyler is just the stepchild...

Theadora 19h ago
Theadora - 19h ago


Keep deleting the harassing comments (red flag) and don't reply, eventually they give up.

Theadora 19h ago

@Raecam, I'm sorry to see this happening to you.   I'm surprised she's said nothing to me since I called her out.  I even left her a very long comment on one of her internet photos telling her why it was viewed not only by Roomstyler standards but by community standards as being unacceptable.  Told her she would gain much more respect if she did her own designs.  So I figured she might have something to say about that.  But I did notice after I told her that she made both of those rooms private. I certainly hope she finds something better to occupy her time than harassing you.

RaeCam - 17h ago

Thx guys.... theadora i will stop replying....its just when someone is hating my attitude comes out lol

RaeCam 17h ago