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Isaacarchitect - 11d ago
Ideas for interior design!

Hey everyone! I need some help designing a space for a high school. Its a small high school so space doesn't matter. I need in one of the rooms a student lounge and in another I need an office/conference room. The two rooms farthest from the entrance door on the left are bathrooms. Thanks for the help! here's the link to the design so that you can remix, 

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Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

Happy designing!

Please help me!


Theadora - 11d ago

Question: Do you expect us to do your homework for you?

Theadora 11d ago
Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

No! :D

wait is that a joke or not?

Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

are you saying that i should do it myself?

bc i just want ideas

Isaacarchitect - 10d ago

Can anyone help me?