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sissybee - 10d ago
Been gone a long time

Wow! I've been gone some time dealing with a bit of the cancer but here I am and let me say I am so impressed with everything and everyone since I've been gone. The rooms I've missed are so beautiful. And so many new items to play with! And while I don't think I'll be back as often as I'd like as I'm now so far in debt I'll be working until I'm 300,I do hope to be back enough to enjoy your guys' beautiful work!!

sissybee 10d ago
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kitty - 10d ago

Welcome back and wishing you good health X

kitty 10d ago
Valentinapenta - 10d ago

Welcome back, Sissy.   Cancer is a bitch - I'm glad you're doing better. 

starsector - 10d ago

Hi Sissybee, so glad to hear from you!  Yes, lots of new features so don't be shy about asking questions on the forum!

starsector 10d ago
sissybee - 9d ago

Thank you guys!! I've missed it all. 

sissybee 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

Welcome back sissybee, glad you're feeling better! :) 

Theadora 9d ago