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jjp513 - 10d ago
Accessory Placement Issue

I've noticed an issue with accessory placement and the "space field" of an object such as a couch or coffee table, so I'm hoping you may have an answer for me.  If the "space field" of a curved/right arm couch is a large rectangle and covers the coffee table, the accessories placed on the coffee table is the height of the couch, thus not touching the coffee table.  How do I combat this?  If I move the coffee table out from under the couch "space field", then the coffee table is much too far from the couch, making the placement/scene unrealistic.  Here are the furniture examples I'm talking about:  Chill III 3 Piece Sectional W/Right Facing Bumper Chaise and Andara Large Coffee Table.  Place the coffee table in a reasonable placement of the couch and try to place accessories on top of the coffee table, you'll see what I'm talking about.  Any suggestions on how to solve this issue - besides "Don't use the couch"?

jjp513 10d ago
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Theadora - 10d ago

Use coffee tables that are higher than the sofa seat, that way the items placed on the coffee table won't "float" or use modular furniture.

Theadora 10d ago
jjp513 - 9d ago

Thanks for the advice...this eliminates a lot of coffee tables that would otherwise be usable. :-(

jjp513 9d ago
RaeCam - 9d ago

jjp513- i had the exact same problem with my urban jungle living room but i just moved the coffee table out a little bit and but the plants closer to the front it doesnt look the best but the camera was facing straight so it didnt look too bad

RaeCam 9d ago