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RaeCam - 7d ago
First contest

I was bored so I decided to go back to the first contest 

and I noticed something everyone had 2 entries lol but it was because some of the awesome designers on here had not even joined but anyways thought yall might want to see that and again i was BORED

RaeCam 7d ago
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LuzMa HL - 7d ago


This is GOLD!!!! 


LuzMa HL 7d ago
RaeCam - 7d ago

Lol :P

RaeCam 7d ago
RaeCam - 7d ago

 Kitty was on here!

RaeCam 7d ago
kitty - 7d ago

Hahaha! Made me feel so OLD looking at this..but funnily enough I dont think my core style has changed that much so I'm not too ashamed...not like someone finding old school photos : D

Thanks for finding this..X

kitty 7d ago
RaeCam - 6d ago

Haha! Np

RaeCam 6d ago
starsector - 3d ago

Roomstyler added the '1 Entry per contest' about 5 years ago at our request.  Contests entries were numbering over 300, and some people were entering as many as 10 designs.  Most of those were unfinished, sub-par designs, or else were old designs from their profiles.

starsector 3d ago
RaeCam - 2d ago


RaeCam 2d ago
starsector - 2d ago

Yes, it had become nearly impossible to look through all the entries in order to vote fairly.  A few people were using the contests more as a showcase for their own work.  Of course back then, there weren't any prizes for the contests.  Since Roomstyler started giving away credits as prizes, that raised the stakes quite a bit.

starsector 2d ago