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Animal Inspired contest

Make a room based on your fav animal! The contest will end April 1rst and voting will start April 2nd. You will have 3 vote's. Enjoy creating

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Yate - 8d ago

awesome. I don't know if a cat room is something easily designed though

Yate 8d ago

Uh you could put a cat in it i guess.... maybe a cat painting... a cat stuffed animal.... it could be a kids room.

wildandfree - 5d ago

What about this?

tahliawaters - 5d ago

would love to enter- i am creating something now :)

RaeCam - 5d ago

Im doing Panda

RaeCam 5d ago

Nice room wild and free!

RaeCam - 4d ago


RaeCam 4d ago
wildandfree - 4d ago

Thanks V :-) Nice, RaeCam!

RaeCam - 4d ago


RaeCam 4d ago

Super cute Rae cam. Your welcome WAF

wildandfree - 4d ago

Yate, Check out my cat room (just for ideas), it's called "For Yate". Yeah, there aren't a whole lot of cat related things Lol. But I am sure you could come up with something really good still. 

tahliawaters - 3d ago

hey everyone

check out my design (it's a little bit rushed) on my feed. would love to enter and to get some amazing feedback from my design :)

tahliawaters - 3d ago

here's the link

N i c e room

tahliawaters - 2d ago

thanks :)

Your welcome

Isaacarchitect - 18h ago

hmm... i can try...

Isaacarchitect - 18h ago

wildandfree - 16h ago


wildandfree 16h ago
Isaacarchitect - 16h ago


Cool room