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rossella63 - 5d ago
I can't draw anymore

For two days I have not been able to see the furnishings and materials either on the plan or on the list.

I can't draw anymore.

what can I do?

I work with a desktop computer.


rossella63 5d ago
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I also work with a desktop one. It is happening to me, I have to close the program and reopen it several times and it does not always load completely. I think that due to the current situation there are many users connected at the same time and it slows down a lot, but it is my opinion and I am not an expert.

Paolaadl - 5d ago

It's happening the same with me. I got to work fine on my project yesterday, but today it's impossible! The page goes down so many times, I can't draw anything either.

Paolaadl 5d ago

With the world situation many people are at home all the time, I suppose that is the cause, but as I said earlier, I am not an expert

rossella63 - 4d ago

Thanks for the answers, I hope it is not a problem of my old desktop computer. It seems to work on the laptop but I do not have the possibility to use it. 

Greetings from Italy #stayathome <3

rossella63 4d ago
Laptops have a stronger system to use online. My PC is also old, sometimes it works fast and sometimes it doesn't. You have to manage! HOPE AND STRENGTH ITALY !!!
rossella63 - 3d ago

Thank you Teresa, we cry many dead but we resist .. Italy will return more beautiful than before.❤

rossella63 3d ago
I also cry for so many deaths in the world !!! A fraternal hug from Cuba. We will resist !!
jade61356 - 2d ago

Prayers for all of us from the U.S. We will come back a better world after this, I believe that. Be safe and well all of you! <3

jade61356 2d ago
rossella63 - 2d ago

thanks jade 

a big hug to everyone 

stay at home <3

rossella63 2d ago
jade61356 - 1d ago

Thank you rossella! My grandkids and I have been self quarantined for almost 2 weeks, and now our county is in forced quarantine, so we'll be staying in for as long as it takes. Hugs to you and yours! :)

jade61356 1d ago
kitty - 1d ago

Sending Love to all from London XXX

kitty 1d ago