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SetBuilder123 - 3d ago
Half Walls

Hi, I recently started designing rooms, and I've run into an issue with walls. The first space I created I put several "half" wall in, that were attached on one of the four basic walls and just jutted out into the room. I rendered an image of design and they show up fine. Now as I've created more spaces, half walls are not showing up in the final image, just the preview. I've done some reading on here and I see most people say you have to close in all the walls, so how come I was able to achieve it once? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I even checked all the specs of those walls in my original project and created a demo room with identical walls and even those aren't showing up. 

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Theadora - 3d ago

Hi SetBuilder123

In my example the firs stub wall is made from an existing wall by clicking on the scissors x 4, creating a U shape and pushing the walls together. When you do this it will always show in the render. 

For the second stub wall, draw a wall all the way across, click on the scissors once and delete one half of the wall or you can create several openings by clicking on the scissors and deleting parts of the wall. If the wall is not connected correctly to another wall on both ends it will disappear when rendered.

The third one, same as the second except an adjustable rectangular opening was used -  found in the door section. With a second adjustable door I created a pony wall. 

Hover over the 3 dots bottom right of the "design" and click on Remix to have a closer look at how it was done.

Hope this helps. :)


Theadora 3d ago