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Maritleonie05 - 3d ago
floor doesnt work

hey everyone, i have a problem. 

i made one big room and then i put walls in it to make seperate rooms. i then did different floorings but its a mix of two different floors, and i cant get it fixed. can anyone help me?

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Maritleonie05 - 3d ago

this is what it looks like:

ArtHousedeco - 3d ago

Sometines floors overlap. I usually delete the extra layers by clicking on the floor and selecting the "delete floor" option. Hope it helps! :)

Maritleonie05 - 3d ago

that doesnt work, if i delete all floors i cant place a new one:(

thank you anyway for your reply!

Theadora - 3d ago
Theadora 3d ago
Maritleonie05 - 2d ago

thank you!

Maritleonie05 - 2d ago

thank you all for the replies, it is fixed!