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Color contest

I was bored so i decided to start a new contest. Anyway the rules are you pick three colors and you design a room with ONLY 3 colors. The contest will end April 10 and voting will start April 11.  This will be a challenge

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tahliawaters - 2d ago

cool i am in 100%. are you considering shades or tones different colours :)


RaeCam - 2d ago

Im using white black and pink

RaeCam 2d ago
RaeCam - 2d ago

a LIGHT pink

RaeCam 2d ago

OK i can't wait to see your guys designs. Also you can add plants that are different colors than your three colors bc it would look bland without plants

Oh and i think i am gonna do Blue, Pink and white

wildandfree - 1d ago

I think this is a great idea! I will try to do a room

Cool! Thanks

BTW You can do different color floor but not wall's

Isaacarchitect - 19h ago

ill do blue white and light brown

Isaacarchitect - 19h ago

when do we enter?

RaeCam - 19h ago

actually im changing Im doing brown a beige (or cream) and grey

RaeCam 19h ago
wildandfree - 17h ago

Lol, IA, I just made a room with white, brown and blue! That is so funny

wildandfree 17h ago
wildandfree - 17h ago

Is this  okay?   LMK if there is something I need to change if it doesn't follow the rules

wildandfree 17h ago

You can enter whenever IA. No WAF ur room is fine. Nice Job!

wildandfree - 11h ago

Ok. Thank you!

wildandfree 11h ago
tahliawaters - 7h ago

here is my entry :)