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Theadora - 8y ago
Complete kitchens for 3D rooms

Hi all, following is a list of complete kitchens for 3D rooms, if I have forgotten any, please add to the list.

Just type in:

1. Meier/2. Kew/3. Redhouse/4. Roundhouse/5. Dorking/6. Guildford/7. Worcester/8. Hampton/9. Rochester/10. Pimlico

Also if you type in John Lewis kitchen or home styles kitchen you get lots of appliances, Provence gives you some kitchen sinks.

Hope this helps :)

Theadora 8y ago
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toadfool - 8y ago

thanks! i don't think i've ever done a kitchen. too scared!

toadfool 8y ago
Also, if you type kitchenunits (all one word) into the planner, it brings up a comprehensive list of all the kitchens, complete and otherwise. I'm longing for the day that we have an Ikea planner style single and double unit, with colour and style options for the doors and styles. We can but dream...!!
sanja - 8y ago

Thanks Theadora! Finally somebody made an effort to get kitchens:)

I usuly give up about it

For the IKEA planner...hmmm..why not - would be nice:)

sanja 8y ago
hunny - 8y ago

yay thanks Theadora! very helpful!

hunny 8y ago
urshy - 8y ago

huge thanks theodora, ive often looked and never found!

urshy 8y ago
LizyD - 8y ago

Hear, hear Milly!  That would be the ultimate!!

LizyD 8y ago
3dmp3 - 8y ago

Thanks for sharing here, I had problems finding it too. When I make similar projects for a client, I use the 3d printing technique to get a better view of a final product.

3dmp3 8y ago
frikio - 8y ago

Hi, construction works are going on and I will finally get my own room within few weeks! I know it’s little earlier to ask decorating  idea but I’m really excited to know some tips on decorating my room. Could please share me your decorating tips with me? It would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

frikio 8y ago
bralston - 8y ago

well done, thanks

bralston 8y ago
Patti58 - 6y ago
Thanks Theadora, this is such a help. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try a kitchen and when I do at least I'll know how to start. Couldn't find anything before this. Patti
Patti58 6y ago
inniunni - 6y ago
huge thanks!!! i'm new to 3d designing and this post was such a great help...i was wondering though if you could customize the full kitchens to your desired color?
inniunni 6y ago
Theadora - 6y ago
Welcome to Mydeco 3D inniunni. :) I'm sorry, but what you see is what you get.
Theadora 6y ago
mscheltens - 5y ago
If you type in "Kitchchenunits" only one item comes up. I remember there being many build in kitchen units- where did they all go ? 
My goodness this program can be so frustrating- for how wonderful it is. No ability to do have walls for kitchen counters opening into a living space, no stoves or built in cabinets. Seriously. Homes have kitchens. 

mscheltens 5y ago
Bibiche - 5y ago
For sure, if you type it as you wrote it, (Kitchchenunits) nothing will come up! :)
You should try ''kitchenunit'', maybe.

Bibiche 5y ago

Hi, can anybody help me how I can change the counter top of a kitchen such as in Paul_1 kitchen (link 

I want this kitchen to change into a kitchen with light, oak wooden fronts and a  concrete light grey countertop.

Theadora - 9d ago

You can't change the kitchens Roomstyler offers in the menu. However, members have found ingenious ways to change the looks of them by using other furniture and/or walls.

If you find a kitchen in a contest you are interested in click on the "Remix" button (bottom right of a design) and you can find out how that kitchen was created.

Unfortunately the example you posted a link to is private, hence the "bummer" message when you try to open the design and no way for anyone to figure out which kitchen it is. 

Don't understand what you are trying to show with the 2nd link.

The kitchen island created by 2nd place winner meggle in this contest might be of interest to you. 

Theadora 9d ago