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EEI - 5y ago
Floorplanner and furniture sizing
Have been using Floorplanner for a few years but I am brand new to Room Styler.  When I open a Floorplan in Roomstyler, none of my furniture from Floorplanner populates which is the main point of my design---to layout my specific furniture with specific measurements in a floor plan.  But all Roomstyler does with my Floorplanner designs is show a box.  Is this normal? 

On that note, if I start from scratch in Room Styler, how can I resize the furniture to match the specs of the furniture I need in a space?  Do I have to always used the preset furniture?  It seems counter productive if I can't make a floor plan and resize the furniture. 

Please advise. Thanks!
EEI 5y ago
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We are actually working on this. We started with adding all stairs from Floorpalnner and some structural items in Roomstyler, like columns and fireplaces, and next we are trying to match them up. So that when you import your plan from Floorplanner to Roomstyler the stairs/columns etc will be imported as well. This is work in progress. In time we wil try to match up furniture as well probably. You'll have to wait a bit for this.

You noticed correctly that furniture is note resizable as in Floorplanner. We haven't decided yet on how to work with this, the two systems are different and both have it's advantages. So for the moment it's preset sizes.

thanks for your feedback!
stefanocrosta - 5y ago
so what's exactly the use of roomstyler if I can't resize the furnitures? in the library there arent all possible furnitures I could buy, or, heck, order custom-made... :(
nonehpets - 5y ago
Stefanocrosta there is a vast inventory of items here at Roomstyler - arguably the biggest library of items in a 3D planner programme.  It is very rarely that there is not  asimilar style and size of furniture that will give the impression in the 3D render
nonehpets 5y ago
stefanocrosta - 5y ago
Well there definitely are a lot of missing sizes/furnitures for my needs, or I can't search for them, but then I guess I'm not the right user for the tool...
nonehpets - 5y ago
Have you searched on "Bespoke"?  there are many items there that you want find by searching for a type of furniture and always surprises and ideas you didn't know you needed.

At Floorplanner you can resize furniture but the renders are not a patch on the renders here - so it is horses for courses really.  However all may not be lost - there is a new feature under Credits where you can order one off bits of furniture - you should have  a new menu item on your profile drop down menu with a list of the credit information
nonehpets 5y ago
shadia - 2y ago

love it

shadia 2y ago
Zumppy - 13d ago

Thought the whole idea was to see if your furniture would fit in a certain area (I want three yellow IKEA Billy's 80x28x202) and what they would look like (yellow) - would be happy with with just a resizable re-colourable box rather than something that looks nothing like it and not the exact dimensions.

Zumppy 13d ago
starsector - 12d ago

The Roomstyler/Floorplanner team has stated they hope to implement a furniture resizing feature in the near future, but that function is not available at this time.  All the furniture and items are real items that retailers have contracted to have modeled and used in this program.  The team is only able to model what the retailer wants in their contract.

starsector 12d ago