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please tell me how to make an outside yard?
i dont know how to make an outsdie yard please help me. please reply back
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First tell us what would you like to have in your outside yard?

Lackew - 4y ago
You will have an outside if you do not add walls or create a room.  You then add trees, grass, fences & outdoor/indoor furniture if you want & even scenery.
Lackew 4y ago
You can also create fences using disconnected walls, and panel doors, what lets you adjust heights of such fence, but you`ll have to adjust door, not wall.
starsector - 4y ago
Hi Amber, here are some links to Roomstyler contests that featured outdoors.  Click on any image thumbnail to go to the design page.  Then you can open any design using the "remix" button to open a copy of the design.  Click around to explore ideas and items (and have fun!)

starsector 4y ago
371149 - 5d ago

how do you make a room with no walls 

371149 5d ago
371149 - 5d ago


371149 5d ago
RaeCam - 3d ago

you make a room then delete the walls 

RaeCam 3d ago