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KatieBowes - 13d ago

hi guys

i was stuck for ideas on what to design next, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas ???

KatieBowes 13d ago
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Theadora - 13d ago

Click on Discover and find lots of designs that can give you inspiration...

Theadora 13d ago
GFishy164 - 13d ago

You can look at others accounts for inspiration too! Make sure not to copy though.

GFishy164 13d ago
KatieBowes - 11d ago

thanks :) however can anyone give me something to create, (a bit like the contests???)

KatieBowes 11d ago
starsector - 11d ago

Hi Katie, if you look on the left hand panel of the Discover page, you can filter by Room type and Room style.  Look through some past designs, then pick a room type and style you might enjoy making.  Then do some internet research on that for even more inspiration and ideas. ;)

starsector 11d ago
KatieBowes - 11d ago

Thanks :) ive found some inspiration!, ill show y'all when im done :)

KatieBowes 11d ago
KatieBowes - 11d ago

done :) what D'ya think???

blackoffice - by KatieBowes

KatieBowes 11d ago
KatieBowes - 11d ago

black office - Modern - Office - by KatieBowes

KatieBowes 11d ago
KatieBowes - 7d ago


KatieBowes 7d ago