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talialodaya - 2y ago
Painting a ceiling?

Can someone please tell me how to paint the ceiling?  I am designing a house in India that has a tray ceiling and I want to paint it to match the spicy accent wall.   Thank you so much!

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starsector - 2y ago

Hi talia, with your planner open, look at the left hand panel for the paintbrush icon.  in that tab, there are options for Carpet, Paint, Stone, Tile, Wallpaper, Wood, Patio.  Click the Paint catagory.  You should see a color graph.  

The top section has a blue highlight rectangle that you can click on and move left or right which will feature a larger version below.  Click on the tiny squares of color.  A larger swatch should appear off to the right hand side of the color graph.  Grab that swatch with your cursor, drag it across your screen.  When you do so, two more icons should appear at the top of your screen (Decorate all Walls, and Decorate Ceiling).  Drop your color swatch on the 'Decorate Ceiling' icon.  

The downloadable manual for Roomstyler is the top link on the Forum.  There are also video tutorials available on Roomstyler's YouTube Channel:

starsector 2y ago
Khyra - 2y ago

When you drag the paint color it has an option to put it on all walls or on the ceiling.

Khyra 2y ago
Renatamorales - 3 months ago

Can I decorate a ceiling with a picture ? I mean with texture?

Renatamorales 3 months ago
starsector - 3 months ago

Hi Rena, unfortunately, we can't use uploaded images for the floors and ceilings (only walls and scenery).  But we can use any of the texture swatches from the left hand panel (paintbrush icon) so that means Carpet, Paint, Stone, Tile, Wallpaper, Wood, and Patio.  :)

starsector 3 months ago
pasja_ - 2 months ago
czy spadzisty sufit moge pomalowac
pasja_ 2 months ago
Theadora - 2 months ago

Nie, nie możesz. Nic z architektury nie może być malowane. 

Theadora 2 months ago
hauser - 2 months ago

Only by using colored parts - search for "redhouse" .

hauser 2 months ago
321simple - 1 month ago

how do you get a sloped ceiling

321simple 1 month ago
Theadora - 1 month ago

Click on the top icon "Build room layout" and  "Architecture". 

You'll find a lot of sloped ceilings there.

Theadora 1 month ago