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Bridge Architects Office2

Scott has been a bridge architect for just over 6 years now. Since childhood, it was the only career he’d ever considered. Building model bridges with his Dad and older brother, Todd, was always his favorite past-time. Since he loves his work so much, he made it a requirement to find a place in San Francisco, home of the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, where he could have an ample size office with a fantastic view. He doesn’t know this yet, but given his very impressive work, brilliant ideas, and forward-thinking vision, the partners at McCoy and Hightower Architectural Firm, are going to offer him a partnership on Monday morning. He’s been dreaming of this since he came on board with the company. So what a joy this surprising, yet, well-deserved news will be. Right now, he’s got the rest of the weekend to enjoy time with his friends, who he doesn’t get to see very often since they too are all very busy and successful business people. Oh did I mention . . . Scott was able to buy his Aston Martin Rapide S, just 3 short months after we last popped in on him? Now he’ll have another dream fulfilled under his belt really soon. Aahhh . . . I wish I could see his face when they tell him.