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Son of a preacher.

  • auntiehelen
    8y ago
    Love the stained glass!!
  • Edwardia
    9y ago
    Love this :) Our first home was a converted chapel but sadly the stained glass had been replaced with clear:( This shows how amazing it could have looked.
  • Interiors by Elaine
    9y ago
    Interiors by Elaine
    I love the mix between traditional and new.
  • babiimidge
    9y ago
    you should try filling the whole of the room because when you go to panorama more than half of the room is empty!
  • Surfinchic1
    9y ago
    Beautiful room. How did you get the stained glass?
  • darkcourtier
    9y ago
    what?? stained glass????
  • urshy
    9y ago
    Stunning room! the stain glass window, it brings the room alive! The reflection in the mirror looks great too!
    So happy we have the option to load our own pictures up again :o)
  • hunny
    9y ago
    this is fab RT! love the stained glass!!
  • AlSudairy S
    9y ago
    AlSudairy S
    good job!
  • kitty
    9y ago
    great idea!
  • richardsbm
    9y ago
    That stained glass looks great!