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Greenwich Village space

Please feel free to remix with your own ideas. I had originally assumed the 2 big front windows looked out to the street below, but now realize they face south looking out to the common area in the rear of all the buildings in the block. There is space and trees there, sort of like in Hitchcock's "Rear Window." Also, because this plan has multiple rooms, you may have to use sliding walls or delete some of the other rooms (like the little room I created for the fireplace opening) to get things to hang on the walls. Find photos and plan of the original space here. I used their dimensions but added a little because our planner measures center-to-center. I had to guess the fireplace and the height of the walls. They didn’t seem too high, so I set them at 9’ (2.75m), they may be higher. Thank you to Valentina for this.
  • Sanare Sousa
    3y ago
    Sanare Sousa
    Belo espaço ... cabe-lhe também uma bela decoração !
  • demetra019
    3y ago
    I am going to try this as soon as i can. Your idea is fantastic, I don't know if I could ever make something that good! :)
  • janelle1
    3y ago
    Russ you did such a fantastic job with this project !!!!!!!!!!! :))
  • bgref
    3y ago
    Hey Russ,a while ago, you came to my roomstyler account. So, I decided to come to yours. You have very nice design ideas.  
  • channing4
    3y ago
    Thanks for the floorplan!! Looks like a fun challenge!
  • Mum Dali
    3y ago
    Mum Dali
    Love it !!!!!
  • Valentinapenta
    3y ago
    Great job!