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French Bistro

Putting a modern spin on a french bistro.
  • kperson
    3y ago
    Your soo talented
  • Lucii
    3y ago
  • bgref
    3y ago
    Thanks daisy and russ
  • russ
    3y ago
    This is great Bgref! And thanks so much for all your nice comments!
  • Daisy320
    3y ago
    On the contest page, you had asked for suggestions. So, here are a few ideas you might want to consider. 1) Find some different lighting that shows up better against the black ceiling. 2) Go to a closer view instead of such a large room and concentrate on more detail. 3) Add detail to the kitchen area once you are closer in. 4) Add some artwork on the wood wall to the right.5) Bistros often have flower centerpieces.6) Try a different floor, maybe something checkered. I have found that looks very "bistro". :) Just a few ideas. :) Hope it helps.