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  • Daisy320
    4y ago
    That's better. This closer view works much better. :) On the scenery, which can add so much to your work of art, which is what I think we are creating, you need to select photos where the horizon line is at least 1/3 to 1/2 up the photo . . . meaning it is a more distant type of photo. That way it will show up better in your windows. 
    You have added some details and that is good. 
    Now, the next thing to look at is coordinating the colors and what is going on in the composition of your room. Pick a palette of no more than three colors (plus white or black though I often include those in the three) and keep your color scheme along those three shades. That helps keep you disciplined on coordinating what is going on in your room, especially at first. 
    The floors and ceiling and window trims have to also coordinate into the mixture. Look at some of my designs, like the Small Country Kitchen. The wood and stone finishes compliment, and do not conflict, with the color scheme. The art also has