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Family Kitchen

  • Nari31
    2y ago

    Wow Lydia! Big beauty kitchen! Amazing!

  • JayPH
    2y ago

    I missed this design? :) Really wonderful Lydia!

  • lydiaenderlebell
    3y ago
    Thank you Mythrintia, Russ, Ayudewi and Daisy! Your comments mean a lot.
  • Mythrintia
    3y ago
    More like a restaurant XD, but very beautiful and cozy! Definitely can fit many families.
  • russ
    3y ago
    I missed this too Lydia, It's fantastic!
  • ayudewi382
    3y ago
    How i missed this? This is awesome! You and Daisy are indeed have same style and it is very inspiring. This kind of style aren't easy to made here -as for me-,still are my weakness :) I guess, to enjoy your design and Daisy's designs now are the best option from me, since i haven't success exploring this style of interior design in RS :) Really really great work, Lydiaenderlebell!
  • Daisy320
    3y ago
    Wonderful BIG FAMILY kitchen!