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dining retro/boho 6 dark floor

  • Alyssa Turner
    8y ago
    Alyssa Turner
    Thanks! I have no idea how come the mydeco logo isnt in the corner.
    Also its become a lot clearer over time. It was a bit fuzzy when I did it first.
  • Yaiqyn
    8y ago
    wow! this looks very clear and it is very nice, I love the colors together and everything .. it's not fuzzy what so ever. how come the "My Deco" sign is not in the corner??
  • lolikawaii
    8y ago
    I agree it looks very real! i love this its very sweet, light, and sunny!
  • liling
    8y ago
    Very nice!
  • toadfool
    8y ago
    this looks so real (apart from the curtains). wonderful light and reflections.
  • Valentina
    8y ago
    sweet and very refreshing ;-)